Friday, October 17, 2008

Time Capsule

I've discovered the neatest thing in computers yet.

It's created by Mac, and it's brilliant! It's this thing called a Time Capsule, which is essentially an external hard drive for your computer (which is brilliant enough in its own regard) but they've set this thing up on a wireless network with a program they call Time Machine. The idea is that as soon as you walk into proximity of this thing (say into your house or work) and turn your computer on, it does an automatic backup of you whole system. Then, when something horrible happens and you have lost everything on your computer, you can just go back and get it on your 'time capsule'.

The best part is that if you somehow screw your system up (or a file or whatever), you can opt to go back to last Friday (or whatever day in the last year or something) and recover your whole system (or any file) to the state it was in at that time. So if you got a computer virus (which you wouldn't anyways because you are using a Mac Laptop) than you could just re-load how your computer was yesterday morning, and lose nothing.

I love it and I want it. But it's only on Mac computers.

Someone tell Bill Gates to get on it. Or Dell or whoever. I want my microsoft version of instant and easy protection from having the worst computer luck in the world. Then I could stop wasting half my life backing my files up onto two computers, two external hard drives and DVD. Cause seriously, I don't even know where things are anymore.

My next laptop will be a mac I think
Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Bad Picture, but you get the point. I love this 'new' product.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Effective Advertisment

I have been seeing these ads on the subway every day. They are for a university named "Colossal U" and they are irritating to say the least.

The first one I see is a big picture of a cookie cutter shaped like a gingerbread man and the quote reads "Every Colossal U student will turn out exactly the same. We guarantee it." And of course I'm thinking...

what the hell? why would you put something like that in an advertisement? students should want to be different...want to stand apart from their peers and be an individual. the university must be stupid if they think this ad will attract new students in Toronto...

This was the first time I thought I should blog about it. About how stupid it is to have bad advertising to the largest population in Ontario...

So this morning I am on the subway again as usual and I see another ad for this Colossal U, and this time it is a number dispenser like you'd find in a government office or whatever, and the ad reads "Student number 237, your teacher will see you now."

So this morning I was blogging about it *for sure!*

I think someone is really messed in the advertisement committee for this place. They should hire someone new...blah blah.

The point being, I didn't want to blog about it without some info on the university. I google it, and I get this fake site that has the ads, and then a few seconds later the ads fade and they get to the real site about Athabasca University. It's all been a scam to get you pissed and to go to the site to see who the assholes are that would make such horrible ads.

And it worked on me.

Someone in the advertising committee deserves a raise, because they must have done their research in human psychology...
Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Do you ever get lazy checking emails?

Sometimes I check them by reading the subject line and I never actually read any of the content, and then all of a sudden some deadline is approaching and you realize you were told to do this thing months and months ago? It happens to me sometimes with the school, because they send 53,000 emails in regards to the same issue, which may or may not be time sensitive. And the first one always comes like 6 months before you can do anything about it, and then reminders every week to follow. Then by the time the actual date comes, you've been ignoring the emails with this title for 3 months, and you *almost* miss the deadline despite the 43,000 email reminders.


I was just thinking about the ridiculousness of this while sorting through my very old email this morning. I realized that registration time is here again, so I have to fill out forms to switch programs, defer tuition fees, accept funding, take teaching assistant payment, etc. etc.

I think I'll clear it up today in one foul swoop.

A+ in procrastination.
Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I wanted to clarify that when I go to Detroit I will be supervised by a parent. Robbie is coming. Also, I really really really want to go, so I think I'm going. And I think mama dukes will eventually give her blessing (I'm sure after much parent-to-daughter discussion!).
Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Mama Dukes & Robbie!!

I can't believe it has already been ten years, but it has.

On this day 10 years ago, I woke up nervous because today was the day I was about to get an official new father figure (not that he hadn't been that for long before the marriage date, but you get the point). I think part of the butterflies stemmed from the fact that I had to wear a dress and makeup! But that day I would have done anything for my mom. She was so happy and looked so beautiful.

Ten years flew by, but we have grown so much as a family unit, and I can't imagine not having Robbie as a part of our lives. He has brought much happiness and many laughs to our nights in the backyard. He provides advice when needed, and shakes things up a bit when life starts to get dull. I'm as happy today to have him as a part of our family as I was 10 years ago (even though he can be a donkey sometimes), and every once in a while when I see him and Mama Dukes having a lovey moment (maybe a glance or a hug), I remember how happy she is to have him in her life as well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I shall Return, from out of the...

My mom is yelling at me for not blogging. And I hate when my mom yells at me (is that a complex of some sort, because it sure as hell feels like one! haha)

So, I will start again (I guess) and make no promises as to the frequency or entertainment factor of the forementioned blogs, so don't bitch at me. I'll blog when I feel like it!

I will start with something exciting to me (and few others). Metallica is touring in Europe but has agreed to play a couple of shows in the states and out west (BC, Alberta etc). So in January I will be taking a road trip to Detroit for a concert, and I'm sure it will be amazing!

Secondly, the movie "The Dark Night" is pretty incredible. I haven't seen the Batman movies, so if there are contradictions I wouldn't know about it. I just went to see it because I heard it was pretty disturbing (and it was!) and because I heard it might be part of the reason why Heath Ledger killed himself. Now I know it's sick, but I think they might be right. His character was pretty messed up, and add some drugs to that and you've got a messed up person!

I decided a while ago to stop blogging about school / work just in case people from work read it, and I will stick to that for the most part. But today I got a horrible (and unjustified) complaint from a student in my class last fall. He got removed from the course last year, but has re-joined for this year. I have just added the phone number for campus police in my cell phone, just in case! People can get serious about their marks, it's crazy.

My summer has been good. Productive in terms of school (well more productive now that I am completing my data analysis for real this time) and I took a week and went to a cottage, which might have been the best week I've had in a long time. There was no phone or internet or people, and it was right on a lake. The worst part about that week was finding out that while I was away, the family dog was put down (not my little dog, but the pitbull). I wish I could go again, but summer is coming to a close, and if anything my friends are looking into booking a couple of nights sat a camp ground at most. Oh well. Oh, and we "replaced" kilo (not that there is any chance in replacing her, but you get my point) with very adorable puppy. I would post a picture but it's not working right now.

But that's all today. I'm going for drinks with the lab people for a little shin-dig celebration thingy.